Pitch Hit & Run Results


As many as 27 participants competed in the PITCH HIT & RUN™ Competition hosted by Marshall Community Services, Marshall Area Kiwanis, MAYBA, and Marshall Tiger Baseball on Saturday May 13, 2017 at Independence Park in Marshall.


These participants won in their respective age groups.

BASEBALL-BOYS               NAME

AGE 7/8 ALL-AROUND     Easton Greenwood

   PITCH CHAMPION          Carson Mensink, Easton Greenwood, Noah Pieper, Trae Bailey (4-way tie)

   HIT CHAMPION               Noah Pieper

   RUN CHAMPION             Easton Greenwood

AGE 9/10 ALL-AROUND   Alex Franson

   PITCH CHAMPION          Alex Franson, Brody Wixon (tie)

   HIT CHAMPION               Alex Franson

   RUN CHAMPION             Alex Franson

AGE 11/12 ALL-AROUND Joey Fossum

   PITCH CHAMPION          Joey Fossum

   HIT CHAMPION               Noah Karlstad

   RUN CHAMPION             Jude Knudson

AGE 13/14 ALL-AROUND Kadam Brinkman

   PITCH CHAMPION          Kadam Brinkman

   HIT CHAMPION               Kadam Brinkman

   RUN CHAMPION             Kadam Brinkman


GIRLS                                                NAME

AGE 9/10 ALL-AROUND   Madigan Ziemer

   PITCH CHAMPION          Madigan Ziemer

   HIT CHAMPION               Madigan Ziemer

   RUN CHAMPION             Madigan Ziemer


The winners now have the chance to compete in the Sectional competition on May 21st in Alexandria where All-Around Champions then become eligible to qualify for the Team Championships hosted at Major League ballparks.


PITCH HIT & RUN™ is the Official Skills Competition of Major League Baseball. For more information on the program, please visit www.PitchHitRun.com