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Back:  Jane Stern, Dr. Lori Vikesland Obler, Angie Taft, Kelly Peters

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 At Taft Optical we offer hundreds of stylish, fashion frames with the latest technologies in wear ability and durability including...

Juicy Couture * Kate Spade * BCBG * Harley Davidson * Float Kids * Float Milan
   Banana Republic * TURA * Ellen Tracy * Liz Claiborne


Taft Optical Offers:

Progressive Lenses: These lenses provide a smooth, line-free transition to improve your range of vision for near, far and everything in between.

High-Index Lenses:  Ultra thin lens, even for very strong prescriptions.

Polycarbonate Lenses:  Shatter resistant lenses.  A great choice for active lifestyles and the only lens prescribed for children.

Transition Lenses:  These lenses adapt naturally to changes from light to dark as you move indoors and outdoors.  Their light weight design also includes scratch resistant coating.

Lens Coatings: Anti-reflective (AR) increases the amount of light transmitted through eyeglasses thereby eliminating glare and reflection. UV protection coating protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Scratch coating protects your lenses and reduces scratches.  Tint coatings add to the fashionable appearance while providing comfort and protection.

Sunglasses: We carry quality sunglasses with a wide variety of colored lenses that are designed to fit your personal style and lifestyle.

Contact Lenses:  We offer a complete range of contact lens options including-Disposable lenses, Tinted lenses, Hard and Soft lenses, Bifocal Lenses, Lenses for astigmatism and Planned replacement lenses.

Comprehensive eye examinations by a Doctor of Optometry.